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    Englischer Garten

    Even one of the largest city parks in the world is only a stone’s throw away. The Englische Garten is renowned for its expansive green spaces, its historical monuments, the Eisbach (a really icy stream), the beer garden at the Chinesische Turm, the pedalboats on the Kleinhesseloher See and much more.

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    The Oktoberfest, in Bavaria also known as “d’ Wiesn”, is the biggest folk festival in the world and takes place at the Theresienwiese since 1810. “O’ zapft is” which means “the beer is tapped”  can be heared, when the mayor of Munich officially opens the festival. In 2019 the Oktoberfest starts at the 18th of September and ends on the 3rd of October. The fair area can be easily reached by public transport within around 16 minutes from Schwabinger Wahrheit.

    Theresienwiese Bavariaring 80336 München
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    A true original of Schwabing. The market at the Elisabethplatz was named after Empress Elisabeth of Austria (“Sissi”) and is open every day except Sunday. It is one of the three permanent markets for groceries and flowers in Munich. Apart from fresh and regional vegetables as well as fruit, here you can find many rare delicacies – all fresh and of the highest quality of course.

    Elisabethmarkt Elisabethplatz 4 80801 München
  • Ice Guys

    Fancy flavours for soft ice cream lovers. The Ice Guys often create flavours that you probably haven’t tasted before, like “coconut ashes” or “ume” (Japanese plum) – the flavour they are famous for. Indulge in sweet temptations in a waffle.

    Ice Guys Hohenzollernstr. 25 80801 München
  • Standl 20
    STANDL 20

    Because coffee is not just coffee. The Standl 20 at the Elisabethmarkt is just the perfect place for a break. The coffee beans are craft-roasted and processed with loving care. The result: A smooth coffee flavour without bitter notes.

    Standl 20 Markt auf dem Elisabethplatz 80796 München
  • Vitalbar

    Fruity insider’s tip at the Elisabethmarkt. Exotic or down-to-earth, smoothies or juice – at the Schwabinger Vitalbar, weekly market goers can enjoy extraordinary delights. There are chia puddings with fruit puree too! That’s how good healthy stuff can taste …

    Schwabinger Vitalbar Elisabethplatz 80796 München
  • Riva Pizzaria

    A pizza that stays true to its origins – in the heart of Schwabing. The Riva Schwabing is an institution. Since its reopening though, the pizzeria – one of the oldest in town – welcomes its guests in a contemporary ambience. The Pinsa Romana, made from a flour which is exclusively created for the Riva, tastes like it always has: simply delicious.

    Riva Schwabing Feilitzschstraße 4 80802 München
  • Kiosk an der Münchner Freiheit

    Have a taste of Berlin at the Münchner Freiheit. In Bavaria, shops normally close at 8 pm. Hence, Munich was in dire need of the 23-hour kiosk at the Münchner Freiheit. At this “Späti” (colloquial for a kiosk that is open after hours), you can find beverages, snacks and basics.

    23-Stunden-Kiosk Münchner Freiheit 7 80802 München
  • Savoy

    Alpine cuisine combined with the unique lifestyle of Schwabing. At the Savoy, dishes from 8 countries and 36 regions are served. Furthermore, the casual bar area is just perfect for an espresso in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the evening.

    Savoy Schwabing Bismarckstraße 21 80803 München
  • Das bunte Café Tante Emma

    A small shop with a big heart. In the colourful Café Tante Emma, the world still is as it should be. For breakfast, they serve what may very well be the best fried eggs in Schwabing. After work, just relax with a glass of good wine. The retro style interior by itself is worth a visit.

    Tante Emma Destouchesstraße 63 80796 München
  • Eingangsbereich des Caffe Conte mit Stühlen vor dem Laden

    “A juice in your hand, and the sun in your face.” – That’s the motto of the Caffè Conte, which still is an insider’s tip in Schwabing, because of its hidden location. Delicious breakfast, light snacks, and – in summer – the perfect place to catch some sunshine.

    Café Franca Hiltenspergerstraße 24 80798 München
  • Tantris

    Culinary passion for over 50 years. The restaurant Tantris Maison Culinaire is an institution in the gastronomic landscape of Munich. It is also considered to be one of the most renowned gourmet restaurants in Germany. Menus, dishes, service – everything is just perfect, down to the last detail.

    Restaurant Tantris Johann-Fichte-Straße 7 80805 München
  • Cevicheria Pez

    Small but delicious. The Cevicheria Pez serves Ceviche, the famous Peruvian national dish. Fish is pickled in lime juice and chilli and gets ‘cooked’ by the citric acid only. Various condiments add depth to the dish. Unique in Munich.

    Cevicheria Pez Occamstraße 26 80802 München
  • Myna Bar

    Tiki drinks and Poke bowls. The Mynah Bar awaits its guests with a Hawaiian ambience and exotic treats. Lots of colour and joie de vivre is to be found everywhere – at the walls, in the food and in the cocktails. Get a taste of the Pacific in Schwabing!

    Mynah Bar Elisabethstraße 12 80796 München
  • Chinesischer Turm – Restaurant

    Enjoy the special atmosphere of the Englische Garten. The beer garden “Chinese Tower” is more than a landmark – it ranks among the most famous and most beautiful beer gardens in Munich.  The adjacent restaurant boasts a sophisticated international cuisine with a Bavarian touch.

    Chinesischer Turm Restaurant & Biergarten Englischer Garten 3 80538 München
  • Blue Nile

    Ethiopian & authentic. The restaurant Blue Nile truly is a rarity in Munich, as there are not a lot of African restaurants to be found in the Bavarian capital. The various meat and vegetable dishes will cause a flavour explosion to your taste buds! Instead of using a knife and fork, the food is picked up with flatbread.

    Blue Nile Viktor-Scheffel-Straße 22 80803 München
  • Arts and Boards

    Restaurant or art gallery? A place like the Arts ‘n’ Boards is not to be found twice in Munich. Artist and owner Ulrich Richter regularly changes the interior design. What always stays the same though, is the high quality of the food served. Brunch on Sunday is particularly delicious!

    Arts ‘n‘ Boards Belgradstraße 9 80796 München
  • Kapitales vom Rind

    That’s how a grill restaurant should look like! At the restaurant “Kapitales vom Rind” (KVR), you can enjoy juicy steaks of the highest quality. The meat comes from Bavaria, Ireland or Argentina. Before it’s put on the grill, guests choose a steak of their liking at the display cabinet.

    Kapitales vom Rind Viktoriastraße 23 80803 München
  • Seehaus Englischer Garteb

    The finest beer garden in town. The beer garden Seehaus in the Englische Garten is picturesquely located at the lake Kleinhesseloher See. In addition to typical Bavarian food, fish specialities and trend-inspired dishes are served here.

    Seehaus im Englischen Garten Kleinhesselohe 3 80802 München
  • Seerose

    Like food cooked from a real Italian “Mamma”! The name doesn’t really reveal it, but the restaurant “Seerose” (water lily) serves traditional Italian dishes at the highest level. Look forward to specialities like Vitello Tonnato, Monkfish Saltimbocca or Basil Risotto – prepared with seasonal and regional products.

    Seerose Birreria e Trattoria Feilitzschstraße 32 80802 München
  • Garbo Bar Pizzaria

    A culinary trip to Italy’s south. The pizza at the Garbo is created and served the Neapolitan way. Nonetheless, an alpine touch is to be found here and there. The wine menu is a delight too!

    Garbo Bar & Pizzeria Kaiserstraße 67 80801 München
  • Taverne Kalypso

    One of the best Greek restaurants in Munich. Even if the interior has become trendier over the years, the atmosphere in the Kalypso is still the same: Warm and cosy. It’s like paying a visit to an old friend. The Mediterranean cuisine is down-to-earth and just delicious!

    Taverna Kalypso Agnesstraße 8 80801 München
  • Café Franca

    It’s like entering another world. The moment you enter the Café Franca, you’ll feel how time passes more slowly here. Avocado toast, yoghurt with fruit and no Wi-Fi – a place to live life at a slower pace, right in the buzzing borough of Schwabing.

    Café Franca Hiltenspergerstraße 24 80798 München
  • Lustspielhaus

    Comedy, cabaret, theatre. At the Lustspielhaus Schwabing, the ensemble “LACH + SCHIESS-Gesellschaft” helps you to improve your physical fitness through laughter. The promising and diversified programme guarantees funny highlights every day.

    Lustspielhaus Occamstrasse 8 80802 München
  • Tapas Bar Amistad

    An authentic tapas bar in the heart of Munich. In Germany, it’s not easy to find tapas that can compete with the Spanish original, the Amistad has done it though! Elegant, stylish and typically Spanish – the perfect location for a tapas evening with your friends.

    Amistad Bar Georgenstraße 37 80799 München
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    Monopol Kino

    A different kind of cinema experience awaits you at the Monopol Kino. A lot of films are shown which are not screened in large cinema complexes. The generous selection of original version films makes this cinema a sought-after spot for an international audience. The cosy in-cinema bar is perfect to get in the right mood before the film, or to discuss it afterwards.

    Monopol - Kino Schleißheimer Str. 127 80797 München
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    Luitpold Park

    Covering 82 acres in south-west Schwabing, the Luitpoldpark is the perfect place to let nature revitalise you. Aside from a hedge maze, a beer garden and an obelisk, it features a 37-metre high mound, the Luitpoldhügel, the main attraction of the park. In winter, locals love to slide down the mound on a toboggan. And if the sky is clear, you can even see the Alps from up there. From the Schwabinger Wahrheit to the Luitpoldpark, it takes less than ten minutes by foot.

    Luitpoldpark Brunnerstr. 2 80804 München
  • Christkindlmarkt-Schwabing
    Christmas market at Schwabing

    A fairy-tale Christmas world for more than 40 years. Every year before Christmas, the air at the Münchner Freiheit smells of freshly baked gingerbread. The Christmas market in Schwabing awaits its guests with lovingly handcrafted products and a unique festive atmosphere.

    Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt Münchner Freiheit 80802 München
  • Christkindlmarkt-Englischer-Garten
    Christmas Market at Chinesischer Turm

    Loving tradition in a romantic setting. The Christmas market at the Chinese Tower is probably one of the most beautiful in Munich. In festively decorated wooden huts you will find craftsmanship and homemade mulled wine. Tower players play Christmas classics and enchant the English garden into a winter wonderland.

    Chinesischer Turm Englischer Garten 3 80538 München
  • S.Bogner-5267

    Bread and butter: Delight can be so simple, as long as it is made with heart and soul. Petit Fritz offers tartines in different variations. The sourdough bread is homemade, and the butter is whipped by hand. Selected French wines serve as the perfect accompaniment.

    Hohenzollernstraße 9, 80801 Munich
  • wh-gutschein2_640x426

    The Weinheim on Bauerstraße gives promising young winemakers a platform to present their products to Munich’s wine lovers. There is a fine selection of food to go with it. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual and there is a clear focus on indulgence and enjoyment.

    Bauerstraße 2, 80796 Munich
  • glasses-g3dc69907f_1920

    This cosy Italian restaurant awaits you in a somewhat secluded location – in a quiet side street of Hohenzollernstraße. Whether you are seated on the terrace or in the dining room, the atmosphere is relaxed and you will feel at home right away. After the excellent pasta dishes or variations of the Pinsa Romana, you are welcome to stay for a refreshing drink.

    Friedrichstraße 30, 80801 Munich
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    Bartu Bioeismanufaktur

    One of the ways to cool down in the hot Munich summer is a delicious ice cream. At the Bartu, the frozen delicacies are exclusively made with organic ingredients. You can even pre-order your favourite flavour for your next visit.

    Bio-Eis & Bio-Pizza Wilhelmstraße 23 80801 München
  • 20989006_1583264631724700_295222270215249122_o

    Mexico is a country full of diversity and joie de vivre. This zest for life is reflected in every detail of the restaurant Condesa. Burritos, quesadillas, tacos and other Mexican specialities are served in a casual environment.

    Condesa Münchner Freiheit 6 80802 München
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    Le Florida

    Do you know the film “Cocktail” starring Tom Cruise? Like in the film, entertainment and fizzy drinks go hand in hand at the Le Florida. Experienced bar tenders shake cocktails like mad, the atmosphere is electrifying and there even is something to eat: Homemade burgers for example.

    Le Florida Georgenstraße 48 80799 München
  • tuerkenstr_03
    Ruff’s Burger

    At Ruff’s Burger, you can probably taste the best burgers in Schwabing. Medium cooked patties made from 100 % freshly minced local beef, homemade sauces and buns – you can really taste the diligent handiwork in every bite.

    Ruff's Burger Türkenstrasse 63 80799 München
  • 414263_422642924433757_207744387_o

    The schnitzel is divine, but that’s just the beginning: The cuisine of the Osterwaldgarten boasts great authenticity, quality and taste! On the summer terrace, you’ll feel just like in a beer garden when the sun comes up.

    Osterwaldgarten Keferstr. 12 80802 München
  • IMG_2445
    Gasthaus Weinbauer

    Since 1861, the Gasthaus Weinbauer in historic Schwabing has been serving Bavarian specialities in a quaint and cosy atmosphere. Look forward to the rissoles of Munich made by following a traditional Bavarian recipe, enjoy the pork roast in dark beer sauce and much more.

    Gasthaus Weinbauer Fendstraße 5 80802 München
  • unterer-gastraum

    The tavern Georgenhof awaits you with homemade Bavarian cuisine – ranging from “Obatzden” (a cheese speciality) to pork roast to the deliciously sweet “Kaiserschmarrn”. Apart from those food classics, you can choose dishes from the menu of the day.

    Gaststätte Georgenhof Friedrichstraße 1 80801 München
  • 11222030_1034363066581326_4556985757567618980_o

    An upscale Vietnamese restaurant featuring authentic design and a cuisine that transports you directly to Southeast Asia. Finest cooking and affectionate hosts who also take care of their guests personally: Embrace the opportunity to spend an Asian gourmet evening in Schwabing.

    Cochinchina Restaurant Kaiserstr. 28 80801 München
  • thehutongclub_150520_057_www
    The Hutong Club

    If you feel like indulging in authentic Chinese cuisine at the highest level, don’t miss out on dining in The Hutong Club. After dinner, you can round off the evening at the stylish Cixi Bar with some exceptional cocktails.

    The Hutong Club Franz-Joseph-Straße 28 80801 München
  • kaisergarten-44

    The Kaisergarten is tradition at its best. For 100 years, sophisticated Bavarian cuisine has been served in the Art Nouveau building vis-à-vis the church of St. Ursula. The wood-based interior design creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy it with the beer specialities by the private brewery Ayinger.

    Kaisergarten Kaiserstraße 34 80801 München
  • Trumpf_oder_Kritisch_151214_222
    Trumpf oder kritisch

    An authentic Bavarian tavern – but one where time does not yet stand still. In the heart of historic Schwabing, Augustiner beer is served from wooden barrels at rustic-style wooden tables. Treat yourself with authentic Bavarian food interpreted in a modern way and feel welcome to play cards too.

    Trumpf oder kritisch Feilitzschstraße 14 80802 München
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    Helene liebt dich

    “Helene loves you” – That’s the place where you can experience Schwabing in all its facets. Experience real Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit” (a cosy atmosphere of hospitality, impossible to translate) in the restaurant Helene or some late-night partying in the club Helene – both at one address. A metropolitan location where cuisine and ambience definitely have the potential to become legendary.

    Helene - Restaurant / Disco Occamstr. 5 80802 München
  • Occam-Bild-10
    Occam Deli

    The deli culture has its roots in the American metropolis in the mid-19th century. The Occam Deli has now brought the concept – a mixture of restaurant and delicatessen shop – to Schwabing. You can either savour the exquisite delicacies for breakfast, lunch or dinner; or else take them home with you.

    Occam Deli Felitzschstraße 15 80802 München
  • ced7e4_844de676c717440db723f21a194195c1
    Alles Wurscht

    It’s all about the sausage – That’s the name of the legendary diner possibly featuring the best currywurst in town. Since 1998, the sausage creations have been constantly refined and brought to perfection. Starting at the Schwabinger Wahrheit, it takes you 3 minutes by foot to get there.

    Alles Wurscht Nikolaiplatz 3 80802 München
  • 1453148239
    Tagescafé Schwabing

    In the Tagescafé Schwabing, the chef still cooks himself. With your sandwich, salad bowl or fresh pasta, try the homemade lemonade or the delicious coffee specialities by Schwabing’s coffee roastery Del Mocca.

    tagescafé schwabing Hohenzollernstr. 41 80801 München