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How do we contribute to sustainable development in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? As a family-run private company, we put people at the centre of all our daily activities and decisions. In doing so, we take great care to reconcile our commitment to our employees with our responsibility to society and the environment. This is not a marketing statement, but an integral part of our corporate philosophy, which is practised by all employees. It is our goal to be a sustainable hotel in Bavaria and for Bavaria.

While the international hotel sector is heavily dominated by the standardization trend right now, we place great value on our individuality. We encourage all our staff to make sustainable decisions. We believe that this approach, appealing to the individuals in our company, is more important and effective than a centralized company sustainability policy.

In this way, we are always open for new opportunities: Together with the Kate and TourCert, we participate in the CSR certification project for the hotel industry. We are happy to be one of the first hotels to be awarded the TourCert seal of approval. This certification is a reward for our efforts to date and encourages us to keep examining our daily activities with regard to sustainability and continuously keep getting better.

You can find our initial review and improvement program in the attached sustainability report: PDF. Further information: CSR-FLYER.


With a share of almost 90% of all emissions, CO² is by far the most emitted greenhouse gas. The energy industry and transport are among the five main polluters, and even small businesses and consumers can have a direct influence on them. For this reason, we have decided to use and promote sustainable, renewable energy sources in our Bavarian city hotel.

  • We purchase 100% green electricity from Stadtwerke München, Munich’s municipal utilities company.
  • E-charging stations are available in the hotel for guests with electric cars.


An even better solution than using renewable energy would be to not use any energy at all. Of course, this is almost impossible in a hotel with 80 rooms. Nevertheless, we use several technical solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption.

  • Almost all public areas of our sustainable hotel in Bavaria are equipped with motion sensors. This way, the lights are only active when people are around.
  • Our hotel rooms have presence detectors that set the air conditioning to a setpoint if the guest leaves the room for more than 15 minutes.
  • Also we light the Schwabinger Wahrheit completely with energy-saving LED lights.


According to the World Bank, the global community produces around two billion tons of waste per year. Plastic is particularly harmful to the environment because it does not degrade naturally (or only very slowly). More than ten million tons of it end up in the oceans every year, and the ground water is also unnecessarily polluted by plastic in the compost.

  • At breakfast, we avoid packaging whenever it is possible, for example, we do not offer portioned jams.
  • Our staff meticulously ensure proper waste separation, whereby residual waste, paper, packaging material and leftovers are collected separately.
  • Our guests are also encouraged to separate the waste in their rooms. There is one paper and one residual waste container per room.


In addition to the environment and the climate, we must also protect the community. This is why it is important that people are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. We can only ensure this one hundred percent if our staff are employed directly by us.

  • We do not use intermediaries (personnel service providers or temporary employment agencies), do not outsource everyday tasks and work without any external staff.


Many industrially produced foods contain environmentally harmful ingredients. One example is palm oil, which is produced by clearing forests and polluting water. Long, global supply chains further increase environmental pollution, and it is not uncommon for chemical preservatives to be necessary, which are detrimental to our health.

  • We therefore try to source food locally as much as possible. For example, our eggs come from the Zieglerhof in Freising.
  • Our cooks make our own nut nougat cream, which means we can do without the industrial branded goods with palm oil.


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