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Sights in Munich – Just 30 Minutes From Our Hotel

Schwabing is filled with character and history – during your stay at Hotel Schwabinger Wahrheit, you will be living in the heart of the cult quarter and experience the action up close. Many important sights can be reached on foot in less than half an hour. Here we show you the top ten sights around our hotel, from shopping streets and nightlife strips to idyllic parks and cultural hotspots.

Sehenswürdigkeiten in München nahe der Schwabinger Wahrheit

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Nr. 1: Leopoldstraße

Leopoldstraße is literally around the corner. A wide variety of shops await you here for short or extended shopping trips. Many cafés with outdoor seating areas invite you to take a break and meet friends. For lunch or dinner, you have a choice of international restaurants or Bavarian eateries. When the sun goes down, it gets even livelier than during the day. Schwabing has a legendary nightlife, not only thanks to some cult bars that have been there for decades.

5 minute walk

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Nr. 3: From Münchner Freiheit to Hohenzollernplatz

Münchner Freiheit is Schwabing’s most important public square and the futuristic tram station is a striking landmark. There are regular markets here, as well as hip cafés and restaurants. If you walk west from Münchner Freiheit on Herzogstraße, there are plenty of shopping opportunities to explore. At the end of the street, Hohenzollernplatz awaits you as another bustling square in Munich’s northwest.

5 – 15 minute walk

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Nr. 5: Luitpoldpark

Those who want a little more space while relaxing in the green can walk to Luitpoldpark. The 33-hectare park in Schwabing is a popular meeting place, especially in summer. The many trees provide shade, and some people like to put up their slackline between them. The lush meadows are ideal for picnics or a morning yoga session. Since there are playgrounds at every corner, the Luitpoldpark is also very popular with families.

25 minute walk

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Nr. 7: Residenz Munich

From the Hofgarten it is only a short walk the Odeonsplatz and the Residenz. The Residenz used to be Munich’s city palace for the Bavarian dukes and now houses a museum as well as the magnificent Cuvilliéstheater. If you leave the Residenz heading west, you will find yourself on Odeonsplatz, one of Munich’s largest and most important squares. From here it is not too far to Marienplatz.

25 minute walk

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Nr. 9: Eisbach Wave

The Eisbach (“ice brook”) is a branch of the Isar and the strongest stream in the English Garden. At one point, directly at the southern entrance to the large city park, the river forms a standing wave. The spot is popular with surfers, which is why it is not uncommon to see people in wetsuits and surfboards under their arms in this area. Seeing the “Eisbach surfers” in action is a curious sight well worth a detour.

28 minute walk

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Nr. 2: Englischer Garten

Munich’s No. 1 recreation area is less than ten minutes away from Schwabinger Wahrheit. Just walk east, cross the Schwabinger Bach stream and you are right in the middle of the Englischer Garten (English Garden). Here you can take a long walk, go pedal boating on the lake Kleinhesselhoher See or enjoy a picnic under the trees. Stopping by at a beer garden is another popular summer activity.

5 – 10 minute walk

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Nr. 4: University Quarter

The university quarter is both old and young at the same time. It is alternative and eclectic, ambitious and full of life. Established pubs are mixed with stylish street food restaurants, frozen yoghurt cafés sit between antique bookshops and in summer the streets are filled with people until the wee hours of the morning. If you want to relax in the green or admire the architecture, the gardens at the Pinakothek museums and the Türkentor are not far away.

15 – 20 minute walk

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Nr. 6: Hofgarten

On the northern edge of Munich’s old town, between Odeonsplatz and the English Garden, lies the Hofgarten. This baroque park, laid out by Duke Albrecht of Bavaria in 1560, is reminiscent of famous palace gardens. In the center sits the so-called Diana Temple, a twelve-sided pavilion popular with street performers of all kinds. The precisely trimmed hedges, flower arrangements and symmetrical network of paths are proof of a masterful park design.

25 minute walk

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Nr. 8: Munich Pinakotheken Museums

Munich’s ‘Kunstareal’ (art district) is also less than half an hour walk from Schwabinger Wahrheit. Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne are museums that take you through seven centuries of European art history. The Neue Pinakothek is closed for renovation presumably until 2025, but the exhibitions of the other two Pinakothek museums alone are enough to fill entire days.

25 – 30 minute walk

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Nr. 10: Bavarian State Opera

The Bavarian State Opera is one of the world’s leading and longest-running opera houses, with some of the biggest stars on stage every season. The building is a rare architectural masterpiece of classicism and the splendour of the interior is worth a visit even without attending a performance. The productions are accompanied by the Bavarian State Orchestra, which is in a class of its own and is renowned throughout the world.

28 minute walk


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