Lake with turquoise blue water and mountain view in bavaria

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The most beautiful lakes around Munich

Some still refer to Munich, the metropolis of 1.5 million, as a village. Because the mountains are close by, there are hardly any high-rise buildings, but plenty of green spaces. Among these, the English Garden comes to mind first, but some lakes in and around Munich are also picturesque places. Here you can swim, play sports on the shore, or enjoy a picnic with friends. Sounds good? Then let us introduce you to five beautiful lakes that you can reach from Schwabinger Wahrheit in less than an hour.

Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg is known far beyond the borders of Bavaria. After all, many famous stars have made it their home. Even kings and dukes appreciated the recreational area and had majestic summer residences built around it. So if you are not only looking for a place to swim and relax, but also want to make cultural and architectural discoveries, we can highly recommend Lake Starnberg.

By car: 40 minutes
By public transport: 45 minutes (U3/U6 to Marienplatz -> S6 to Starnberg Nord)

Lake Ammer

There is probably no lake closer to the city in all of Bavaria with a better water quality than Lake Ammer. Strict nature conservation guarantees that much of the original landscape in and around the lake is preserved. The green shores invite you to take long walks, the beaches to sunbathe. Birdwatchers also feel right at home: the lake and the shores are considered a habitat for numerous rare birds.

By car: 40 minutes
By public transport: 50 minutes (U3/U6 to Marienplatz -> S8 to Herrsching am Ammersee).


A true insider’s tip among Munich’s bathing lakes: the Feringasee in the north-east of the city. There are 52 acres of sunbathing lawns around the quarry pond. The peninsula is reserved for nudist bathers, while the rest of the vast area can be considered textile sectors which are appropriate for families with children. It is not uncommon to see windsurfers on the lake and volleyballers on the lawn.

By car: 25 minutes
By public transport: 45 minutes (U6 to Studentenstadt -> Bus 233 to Unterföhrung/ZDF-Strasse).

Lake Unterschleissheim

Lake Unterschleissheim is located in a wildlife reserve. Because of this, the sunbathing lawns on the shore and the lake itself are particularly picturesque. The water is wonderfully clear and perfect for swimming. Your children won’t be bored when you take them to the lake – sand playground and table tennis tables guarantee that.

By car: 30 minutes
By public transport: 35 minutes (U3/U6 to Scheidplatz -> U2 to Feldmoching -> S1 to Unterschleissheim)

Riemer See

The Riemer See is the newest swimming lake in Munich. It was created in 2005 as part of the State Horticultural Show (“Landesgartenschau”) – the vegetation has subsequently developed magnificently, and it is now one of the scenic jewels of the state capital. In the popular recreation area of Munich’s east, you can combine swimming and refreshment with other activities on land. For example, there are football pitches, tennis courts and basketball hoops.

By car: 25 minutes
By public transport: 35 minutes (U3/U6 to Sendlinger Tor -> U2 to Messestadt Ost)


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