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Surfing in Munich

The best spots in the city

Not a sea in sight, yet Munich is the top choice for surfers in Germany. The city is the perfect place for a surfing holiday. Very few cities in Germany can boast standing waves for surfing – Munich has several. Here are some of the best surfing spots in Munich, all suitable for beginners and experts.


The Eisbachwelle is no longer just a meeting place for surfers. Over the years, the exciting spectacle has become a tourist attraction in its own right. You’ll find all kinds of curious onlookers, photographers and visitors from all over the world. Of course, the main attraction is still the surfing. The wave is about half a metre high and you can ride it all year round. The Eisbachwelle is considered by connoisseurs to be the most consistent and generally the best river wave – not just in Munich, but all over the world.

When to surf: all year round, except when the river is being cleaned.

Suitable for: advanced and expert surfers.

Best time: weekday mornings.

How to get there from the hotel: It takes only 27 minutes to walk to the Haus der Kunst, which is right by the Eisbachwelle. By underground it takes only 18 minutes: From Giselastraße station (290  meters south of the hotel), it is only 3 stops to Odeonsplatz, from where it is 850  meters to Eisbachwelle.

Small Eisbachwelle

The small Eisbachwelle is more suitable for surfers who have not been surfing for too long. The little sister of the Eisbachwelle, being a bit flatter and less powerful. Once you have mastered the entry, a clean ride awaits you. The less bumpy bottom means less experienced surfers can have fun here. It is particularly good as a prelude to the big Eisbachwelle.

When to surf: all year round, except when the river is being cleaned.

Suitable for: advanced surfers.

Best time: weekday mornings.

How to get there from the hotel: It is only a 25-minute walk to the Dianabad wave, also known as the Kleine Eisbachwelle. Bus number 54 stops right in front of the hotel and takes you to Hirschauer Strasse. From there, it is only 650 meters.

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A cornerstone of Munich’s surfing scene, the Floßlände is the city’s oldest wave. Surfers of all levels have been meeting here for a relaxed ride since 1972. As the wave is extremely easy to ride, even for beginners, it is usually very crowded. Long queues are inevitable. However, the nearby meadow and campsite are great places to kill time when the weather is good.

When to surf: generally between April and September, usually from around 2pm to 8pm every day.

Suitable for: everyone from beginners to pros.

Best time: varies.

How to get there from the hotel: From Giselastraße (290  meters south of the hotel) take the U3 to Thalkirchen station. From there, it is about 1 kilometer on foot. All in all, it takes about half an hour from the hotel.

Jochen Schweizer Arena

In the Jochen Schweizer Arena, you call the shots. The wave is individually adjusted to your skill level. The maximum height is 1.4 metres. The arena is the perfect place to start surfing in Munich. Beginners can improve their skills here, while pros can warm up in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to get there from the hotel: There are several ways to get to the Jochen Schweizer Arena. The quickest way is to take the U3 from Giselastraße (290  meters south of the hotel) to Marienplatz, then the S7 to Hohenbrunn, and from there, take the X203 bus to Taufkirchen station, Hugo-Junkers-Straße. From there, it’s a leisurely 250 meters  to the arena – and you’ll be there in less than an hour. Click here for more information.

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Our tip: Windsurfing on the lake

Looking for something a little different? Munich has a lot of activities and sights to offer. If you are looking for something a little more relaxed but still challenging, we have the following tip for you: You can also get on your board and ride the waves in the Munich area. The Ammersee, Starnbergersee and Walchensee lakes are ideal for this. The surrounding lakes offer unspoilt nature – the perfect alternative to urban surfing. It’s just you and your board.

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